Why Reverse Osmosis Water is a Must for Cannabis Growers- A Complete Guide

Growing a cannabis plant requires patience, knowledge, and the right attitude. Most experts agree that pure water, like reverse osmosis water, is essential to ensure that the plant has the right growth and receives the right nutrients. It is a well-known fact that water chemistry has a direct impact on nutrient bioavailability because water helps cannabis to perform its basic functions and delivers nutrients throughout the plant. Without proper nutrients, no cannabis plant can survive for long. 

If you are new to the world of cannabis, you should read this complete guide that answers the crucial question of why reverse osmosis water is a must for cannabis growers. 

Why Not Tap and Well Water?

Though it is a fact that tap and well water are available in abundance, and people would prefer to grow cannabis by using them, it is also a fact that tap and well water sources are not as pure as needed. In most cases, these cheap and plentiful resources have high amounts of total dissolved solids or TDS. These sources are high in magnesium and calcium carbonates as well. 

While some amount of calcium is good for cannabis plants as it helps with healthy connective tissue and the right amounts of magnesium help with photosynthesis, an excess of both is bad! The carbonate form of calcium and magnesium and the large molecular weight can be a problem for cannabis growers. The molecule size is so large that it can’t be absorbed by the plant optimally. 

Why Reverse Osmosis is the Best Option for Cannabis Industry?

Whether you are an individual cannabis grower or you have a large setup, you need a reverse osmosis system or a commercial reverse osmosis system to fulfill your plant’s water needs. It is the most cost-effective way to reduce TDS in water and optimal plant growth. As reverse osmosis systems can be customized, you can be sure of getting a system that meets your plant needs perfectly. To get a customized system, make sure you test the water quality, know the problem the RO system must solve (like pH issues, high TDS, etc.), and then work with a manufacturer of RO systems like AMPAC USA to get the right solution. 

Though investing in such a system would be costly, the initial investment would pay off when you start getting the ROI in the form of pure water. To enhance the ROI, you should also consider a system that recycles the water to ensure that you reuse onsite water to excel at waste management. 

How Often Cannabis Plants Need to be Watered?

One of the most common mistakes made by new cannabis growers is that they overwater the plants. Whether you are using reverse osmosis or distilled water, you should know that overwatering the plants isn’t a good idea. You need to ensure a healthy cycle of wet and dry to ensure that the plant roots grow properly and reach deeper into the pot. The roots will pull in oxygen when the soil dries, and if the soil is too wet due to overwatering, it might hamper the breathing of the plant. 

One of the tried and tested methods is to stick a finger down 1 or 2 inches into the soil every time you think of watering. If the soil is dry to that level, you can water. If not, you should wait for a while. When growing cannabis in a pot, you can also lift it and feel the weight to decide if it needs water or not. If it’s too heavy, it might not need water. 

You should also know that if a cannabis plant needs more water, it will start looking weak or have droopy leaves. It might also have yellow or brown leaves. The leaves might also appear to be lifeless. 

In contrast, when you overwater a cannabis plant, they will also droop and turn into dark green colors. The tips of the leaves might also curl. 

It is wise to stick to a watering schedule to ensure that you don’t leave it too dry or overwater it. Usually, you need to water a plant every two or three days to get the best results. It would help if you remembered that the bigger the plant is, the more its water needs. Also, it will need more water if the plant is grown outdoors and its hot outside. 

Pros and Cons of Using Reverse Osmosis Water for Cannabis Production

There are numerous pros and cons of using reverse osmosis water for cannabis production. Some of them are listed here. 


Easy to Trust

Reverse osmosis systems are one of the most trusted water treatment systems across the world. You can rely on the semi-permeable membranes to clear all the contaminants and make water as pure as it can be. 

Variety Offered

You can choose an RO system for cannabis production depending on your needs. There will be countless available options to pick from. Whether you are a home grower or have a larger operation, you can choose a system that fits your needs. 


A reverse osmosis system can be extensively customized as per customer needs and the water quality in the vicinity. Customization is highly recommended for people who want to make money from cannabis production and cant compromise on the quality. 

Good ROI

The ROI on a reverse osmosis system starts from day one. Over a period, the cost of initial equipment investment would be covered too. It’s a smart and safe investment for business owners and home growers. 

Minimal Maintenance

Reverse osmosis systems usually last for a long with minimal maintenance needs. Anyone can learn how to operate them and call in maintenance experts occasionally to keep the systems in perfect shape. 

Endless Supply

If you connect the system with a water source, you can get an endless supply of pure and high-quality water for years. No need to worry about water quality, and you can focus on cannabis production. 

No Toxicity

As plants can die or diminish due to toxicity, using reverse osmosis water ensures that the plants remain free of toxicity. 


High Costs

The cost of investing in a reverse osmosis system can be higher than other filtration options. But, as mentioned before, these costs will be covered quickly if you choose the right system. 


The RO systems waste quite a lot of water during the filtration process. A simple solution to this problem is to invest in a system that recycles water and reduces wastage. 

Reverse Osmosis Vs. Other Water Options

There are many other water options available for people who want to grow cannabis. Some of them are Distilled water, AC Unit water, bottled mineral water, tap water, Rainwater, River water and water from Well, reservoir, etc. Reverse osmosis is better than most of them and ensures better results. For instance, it is cheaper than bottled water and more contamination-free than a river, well, or reservoir water. 

Who to Trust for Reverse Osmosis Water for Cannabis Industry?

When seeking reverse osmosis water for the cannabis industry, trust AMPAC USA. We provide reverse osmosis systems that are well equipped and fully capable of converting any water into a product that meets the requirement of the cannabis growers. All the products we design and deploy are capable of performing flawlessly in harsh environments across the globe. 

Our advanced water purification systems are built to solve the most complex challenges related to water purification. You can count on us to provide water technologies of International standards commercial applications. AMPAC USA designs and manufactures some of the world’s most reliable Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems to treat water from any source flawlessly. You can also trust us for excellent after-sales service. Our engineers are available to support your water treatment applications and ensure that your cannabis production remains perfect. Call us now on 909-548-4900 or visit us here







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