What is a Grey Water Treatment System and How It Is Used?

Lack of freshwater sources has forced people to develop other means of purifying water and re-use water to ensure that it is utilized optimally. One of the inventions that are helping achieve these goals is a grey water treatment system. If you are not familiar with what is a grey water treatment system and how it is used, then read on. Here we have mentioned everything you need to know about this smart and innovative technology. 

What is Grey Water?

In simple words, grey water is residential water that has been rejected. It usually has less organic loading than sewage and is hence a good option for re-use. To re-use it, water treatment technologies like reverse osmosis are utilized. In most cases, this grey water’s key sources are residential buildings, malls, community centers, large scale offices, government buildings, and many others. 

How is Grey Water Used?

The water that has been passed through a grey water system can be used for various purposes like laundry, flushing the toilet, irrigation, cleaning, etc. 

What is a Grey Water Treatment System?

A grey water treatment system is a system that uses reverse osmosis technology to purify grey water and make it suitable for non-potable purposes. These systems have pre-treatment and post-treatment stages that ensure that the water is transformed completely and is as pure as it can get. 

Benefits of Grey Water Treatment Systems

  • Water Savings

When you adopt a grey water system, you will have more water savings. You will need less water on a daily basis. 

  • Water Re-use

Water re-use is also a benefit of such a system as you can re-use all the water that has been treated. 

  • Be Eco-Friendly

When you re-use water and reduce your water usage, you will be more eco-friendly as a person or an entity. 

  • Conservation of Freshwater Resources

It is a well-known fact that there is a lack of freshwater sources like rivers, lakes, ponds, and other water bodies. So, when you re-use water, you are helping preserve the freshwater resources for future generations.

  • Less Wastage

By re-using water, one can also contribute to reducing the wastage of water. Everyone knows that wastage of water is something the planet cannot afford.

  • Low Energy Consumption

Grey water treatment systems do not consume a lot of energy. With time, these systems are becoming more energy efficient. 

  • No Chemicals Involved

The best part about this water treatment technology is the reverse osmosis technology because there are no chemicals used in the process. So, the water available for re-use will always be chemical-free. 

  • Re-using Nutrients

If you re-use the water for irrigation or gardening, or landscaping, you will be preserving the nutrients present in the water and using them again rather than letting them go to sewage. 

How It Works

The processes of a grey water treatment system are simple. They are listed right here. 

Grey Water is Collected

In the first stage, the grey water is collected and stored so that it can be processed and purified. 

Grey Water is Purified

In this stage, the grey water is passed through multiple stages, pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, and post-treatment. It helps purify water and remove the contaminants. 

Grey Water is Stored and Distributed

After purification, grey water is stored and distributed to the required areas. It can be used for cleaning, gardening, laundry, irrigation, etc. 

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