Saltier US Rivers: Will Seawater Desalination Still Work?

Water is the essence of life, and as this resource turns scarce, people have adopted seawater desalination technologies. But a new study has put a question mark on the purity of water obtained from natural water bodies. A study that recorded decades of data from about 232 U.S. Geological Survey monitoring sites has stated that US rivers and streams have become more alkaline and saltier over the last 50 years. This not only harms the water that is made available via your taps, but it also poses a threat to already damaging pipelines and other infrastructure.

Where is the Salt Coming From?

Like all environmental degradations, humans are responsible for this blunder as well. Municipal workers usually dump salt on roads to combat ice, and they don’t realize that how much of it ends up in the sea. Similarly, when farmers put fertilizers on fields, they are also playing a role in making water bodies dirtier. Salt is also released by floods that reach sewage systems and then spills contamination into the sea. Brines from fracking and hydraulic fracturing operations at oil & gas sites are also among the culprits.

You Might be Drinking a Whole Lot of Contaminants

It is a fact that when water becomes more alkaline, it breaks down minerals in soil and rocks in the river. The release of these contaminants could cause pipelines to leach lead into drinking water due to corrosion. Excessive scaling on pipes is also a possibility that can block pipes. Similarly, copper and zinc can be leached from soil and rocks in streams. This study also highlighted that a combination of salts is more harmful to human health than just one salt.

How to Reduce Salt Exposure?

Some of the solutions that can be tried are pre-salting the roads before a snowstorm hits or using brine to de-ice the roads.

Simple Treatment Methods Are Not Enough

In case you, as most Americans depend on water treatment centers to purify water, you should know that these centers don’t filter out dangerous salts, they just use chemicals to fight them.

You Need a Perfect Solution

The perfect solution to this massive problem is still the same. Add a seawater desalination system to your home, commercial or industrial properties. It would also be beneficial if you go for a system that has reverse osmosis and seawater desalination because it will ensure perfect purity and trapping of all kinds of contaminants while you enjoy the healthiest form of this natural beverage. The amount of salts rarely matters to a good system and it can eliminate all types of salts.

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