Drinking Water Increases Productivity At Work!

Businesspeople usually spend a lot of time, money, and energy finding new ways to boost employee productivity without compromising quality. One of the simple facts that can help businesses is that drinking pure water, like reverse osmosis water, can help increase productivity at work. Here’s a brief explanation of how drinking water increases productivity at work. 

Effect on Water on Your Brain

Data says that about 80% of people are currently dehydrated. One of the key reasons that happens is because people consider stomach growls to be a sign of hunger, not dehydration. It is a fact that mostly, the stomach growls usually mean your body needs more water. 

Different studies have shown that if a person doesn’t have water for just four hours, their energy level will lower, and their likelihood to develop a headache will increase. It happens because a person’s brain is very sensitive to even the smallest chemistry changes, like the level of potassium or sodium in the body. 

If a person drinks water, they reverse dehydration, and it expands the grey matter of the brain. It also helps the brain to run more efficiently. 

In contrast, when the brain lacks water, the brain tissue might actually decrease. 

A Small Change Can Lead to Big Changes

Different studies have proven that hydration can impact the productivity of a person at work or home. A study organized in London that assessed thirty-four people on their capability to complete tasks before and after drinking water revealed incredible data. It unveiled that the hydrated subjects performed the tasks at a 14% quicker rate than subjects who didn’t have water. 

Another study was conducted to measure the effects of dehydration on the brain of people. The brains of young teens were measured by experts, and then the subjects were asked to ride bikes in heavy clothing for 1.5 hours to ensure that they were dehydrated. After that, their brain size was measured again. This study unveiled that dehydration led to brain shrinkage, which was about the equivalent of losing a year of age. 

Facts About How Drinking Water Increases Productivity at Work

Drinking water can increase productivity at work. Here are a few pointers on how that works. 

  • Reduction in Anxiety

Your brain is made up of around 75 percent of water and hence needs water to perform properly. If you drink enough water in a day, you will help yourself stay away from anxiety and stay productive. 

  • Better Creativity

When you have to do any creative work like write a Facebook ad or think of a catching headline for a news story, you must stay hydrated. It will give a boost to your creativity. 

  • Stay Energized

Many people feel lethargic and weak during the middle of the day at work. If you feel that, it is likely that you are dehydrated. You should reach for a glass of water if you do a job where you need to stay in the same position (like sitting position) for hours at once. Doing so will help you to stay energized. 

  • Better Mood

If you have dehydration, you might feel that you are in a bad mood, tense, irritated, or confused. When you drink enough water, your brain will be calmer, and it might lead to positive thinking. When you are in a happy mood, you will also be very productive at work. 

  • Lessens Fatigue

A study has proven that dehydration can reduce the speed at which you do your work and can also impact your concentration levels negatively. When you stay hydrated, you can work more efficiently, increase productivity, and lessen your chances of a mistake. 

  • Stress Reduction

When you drink enough water, you can help reduce work-related stress. If you are dehydrated, the levels of the stress hormone cortisol might be more. When you are hydrated, the cortisol levels will come down, and you will feel calmer. When you have less work stress, you will be more productive. 

  • Helps You Avoid Illnesses

If you drink less water and are dehydrated more often, you will fall sick more often and be less productive. Dehydration can become a key factor behind health issues like dizziness, headaches, lightheadedness, etc. 

How to Drink More Water to Increase Productivity at Work?

  • Make sure that you talk to your doctor about how much water you need to drink daily based on your activity level, weight, age, etc.
  • Set daily water goals for yourself and try to meet them as often as possible.
  • Use an app to set reminders throughout the day to drink water after every few minutes
  • When you feel hungry, drink water first and see if the hunger goes away. If not, then reach for a healthy snack. 
  • When you feel like having a cold or hot beverage, reach for water.
  • Make plain water interesting by adding flavors like lemon and mint to it.
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal.
  • Trust a reliable water source that helps you stay healthy, like AMPAC USA’s water treatment systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use to ensure the water is tasteless, colorless, and odorless. 

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