A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Whole House Water Filters

Water is a key element of our lives, and people generally don’t want to compromise its quality. This is the key reason why people want to know about whole house water filters. If you also use water for essentials like bathing, cooking cleaning, and want the water quality in your home perfect, you should consider installing a whole house water filter to eliminate all harmful contaminants and ensure the water from every tap or faucet is pure and healthy. To help you select the right whole house water filter, Ampac USA has prepared this comprehensive guide to choosing whole house water filters. Read on and make the right choice as per your needs. 

What are Whole House Water Filters?

If you haven’t heard of whole house water filters before and want to know a whole house water filter, you should know it is a type of water filter connected to your home’s main supply of water. It ensures that every drop of water that enters your home is treated and has no contaminants like lead, calcium, etc. 

It is different from a solo water filter because it is connected with a point of the entry water source. In contrast, a solo water filter is usually connected to one tap only. When you install a whole house water filter, you can be assured that all water dispensers in your home, be it kitchen or bathtubs, laundry, showers, and even toilets, dispense only purified water. 

How to Choose Whole House Water Filters?

The process of choosing a whole house water filter doesn’t need to be complicated. Here we have talked about the essentials and have broken the entire process into easy-to-follow steps. Keep scrolling to know them all. 

Know About the Contaminants

When you want to defeat an enemy, you probably want to know all about them. In this case, the enemies are contaminants present in the water. So, before you think of buying a whole house water filter, make sure you get the water from the source tested and find out which contaminants or water issues you need to eliminate. For instance, some water sources might have excess calcium while others might have an excess of TDS. Also, know whether you will need an additional layer in the water filter to enhance the taste. For instance, some RO systems have a remineralization stage that improves the mineral content of the water as they are usually eliminated in the reverse osmosis process. 

You might not need a water test to know what contaminants you need to remove in some cases. For instance, if a municipal service maintains your house’s main water line, you might need to eliminate chlorine, chemicals, minerals, and sediments. In contrast, if your water line is connected to a private well of water, you might need to eliminate contaminants like iron, sediment, minerals, iron, etc.  

If you need help detecting and knowing more about the contaminants, you can connect with the supplier of the whole house water filters like AMPAC USA to know more. They will offer professional advice that will let you make the right decision. 

Analyze Your Water Needs

It is also essential for you to analyze your water needs. Try to calculate how much water you need for daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, bathing, toilet use, washing clothes, etc. It will help you realize the kind of water filter you need and its GPD capacity. Again, you can take the help of an expert like AMPAC USA technicians to know how many gallons of pure water you need every day. Always buy a whole house water filter with a high GPD capacity than the amount you need as the family’s water needs usually increase with time. If you choose a water filter that can produce only a lower GPD than you need, it might lead to problems like low water pressure or interrupted water flow, especially when everyone is using water (like morning time). If a filter didn’t provide pure water to family members when needed, the entire process of selecting and using a filter would be kind of pointless. 

Check the Size of Filters

When choosing a whole house water filter, make sure that you know the size of the filters that are fitted into the system. The larger the size of the filters, the better would be the output, i.e., gallons of pure water produced per day. If you have a small home and a small family, an average-sized water filter would be enough. But if you have a large family with vast water needs, you might want to invest in a larger system with more than average-sized filters. 

Learn About the Life of the Filter

The life of a filter in a whole house water filter depends on the impurities that need to be filtered and how often the filtration process takes place. If a family has a higher water need and the level of contaminants is high, the overall shelf life of the filter might be reduced. In contrast, if the level of contaminants is low and the water needs are average, the filter might last for a couple of months. One of the simplest signs that say you need to replace is filter is lowering the water pressure. You should keep a record of every filter you change so that you can get an estimate of how long one filter lasts. 

Make a Comparison 

When choosing a whole house water filter, make sure that you compare it with other options. It will help you make the right decision. For instance, if you live alone and you have only two or three faucets (which you rarely use as you travel due to your job), you might buy different filters for each of the faucets and avoid buying a whole house water filter. It is also a smart idea to compare the features of different filters so that you can buy a value for money product. Seek a discount whenever possible to ensure you save a few bucks. 

Discuss Customization

Some sellers of whole house water filters like AMPAC USA offer customized products that can be customized as per client needs and modified slightly. If you are looking for a whole house water filter, seek customizations to ensure that you get the most suited product that helps fulfill your/ your family’s pure water needs with perfection over a long period.

Ask About Maintenance Queries

When buying a whole house water filter, make sure you ask about the installation, training, instruction manuals, and long-term maintenance needs of the system. If possible, hire the sellers’ executives to take care of the maintenance tasks to not stress about it. Also, learn some basics like filter cleaning yourself to fix small issues yourself and don’t need to pay money to an expert for minor visits. 

Check Seller Credibility

Brands do matter when you want to buy a water filter. You can’t trust someone who makes filters as a DIY project. You need to trust qualified engineers skilled at designing, manufacturing, and quality checking water treatment systems. You need a company that has been there for decades and has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. So, it would be wise to know more about the manufacturer and what they deliver before you spend any money. It would help if you always trusted a brand like AMPAC USA. 

Pros and Cons of a Whole House Water Filter


  • They clean up to 99% of contaminants like hazardous metals, microorganisms, sediments, and TDS
  • They ensure that the water becomes truly tasteless, odorless, and colorless
  • Using a whole house water filter also helps to reduce the rusting of faucets
  • It can also help avoid clogging pipelines
  • They can also assist in preventing the accumulation of a yellow layer on kitchenware
  • Ugly-looking patches on bathroom and toilet floors can also be avoided
  • The systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty
  • They are easy to clean and need minimal maintenance
  • They can be customized as per customer needs
  • Scores of customers trust these filters as they are easy to use
  • They are space-savvy as they negate the need to install a separate water filter at every faucet
  • They offer a good ROI in the long run and help ensure your/ your loved ones’ health as ensuring purified water flows through every faucet can help protect pipelines, skin, ingestion, hair, and clothes. 


  • These filters might not be the best choice for condos
  • Installation and maintenance often need the assistance of an expert
  • The initial costs might be high
  • The filters need to be changed after a while, so the total cost of ownership might increase

Where to Buy the Best Whole House Water Filters- AMPAC USA

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