Ways To Remain Cool This Summer – Handy Tips To Save Water

Summer has come knocking the door and so starts the need to save water to avoid shortage. And even though many people will have you think that spending summer in the mountains or the pleasurable weather of LA will be cooler, we have a few more options for you to remain cool this season!

We do agree Alaska is a better option than Nevada in the summers but what if you don’t have the leaves or the budget to go all the way to vacation there? Read on to know how you can pass this summer being the coolest one of your friends by saving just a little each day:

Upgrade The Gardening Rituals

If you are a fan of nature and have a mini meadow hidden in your backyard, summer can be a tough time. You have to remain extra careful and vigilant for your plants as they can dry out sooner than the day ends. Also, many communities put restrictions on neighborhoods to water their lawns in order to save some of it. We have a few better tweaks that could help your garden survive the fireball season.

  1. Nurture your garden in the time of the day when evaporation through the soil is the least. Ensure to do so using drip irrigation so it is not wasted and is done at dawn or dusk. Avoid doing it midday and on windy days.
  2. Try to irrigate slopes in a way that the water doesn’t run to the bottom and instead seeps in at every step.
  3. Reconsider your soil before the season hits, use water absorbing soil that does not enable running of the liquid over the surface.
  4. Create basins around plants and shrubs that increase the absorption rate. If there is enough space, extend the line to the irrigation mainline.
  5. You can use mulch, it saves 50% of evaporation rate and discourages the growth of weed.
  6. Know exactly when to water the lawn. When you step on the grass and lift your leg, does the grass spring back up? If not, then it needs watering. It is also a good idea to let the grass grow until 7 centimeters as it increases retention. This ritual will save 5,000 liters each month!

Pay Special Attention To Your Washrooms

By far, toilets and bathrooms are one of the major sources of water leaks that lead to hundreds of gallons being wasted. A very good idea would be to call in a plumber and get all the pipes checked across the house for leaks. Other than this simple caution, a few more steps would help you be more nature-friendly.

  1. Low flow tap aerators and efficient showerheads monitor the amount that is used to shower and taps. It saves up to 50% of consumption.
  2. Using the water-saving showerhead and showering for only 5 minutes each day can save 900 liters.
  3. Do not dump anything in the toilet. Sure your toilet flushes everything but it is designed primarily to flush human waste. Anything else like plastic, toilet paper, wet wipes or even diapers can cause the pipes to clog or waste the water to flush it down completely.
  4. Toilets are the second biggest leak-prone areas. Use the toilet test to check for any leaks and later seal the leak for further wastage.
  5. Fill the sink with water to rinse razor every now and then. Using a running tap can waste it. Also, while brushing your teeth, remember to close off the tap completely, it can save 1,800 liters every month considering you use your sink 4 times a day!

Practice Water Conservation In Your House

Be a cool parent and example by practicing water conserving activities in your house too. Like installing a Reverse Osmosis filter that rejects less and uses it for other purposes like for indoor plants or cleaning. Some of these practices are listed below:

  1. Washing dishes by hand can use up to 27 gallons each time as compared to a 3-5 gallons usage by a dishwasher. Use it on full loads and once a day, you can save 450 liters each day!
  2. For the off chance that it ever rains, place a barrel or containers below the pipe outlets that come from the terrace. This can be used for gardening or can be a lifesaver for birds flying by.
  3. In case you have a pool, make sure to purchase or install a cover that does not allow the water to evaporate from the surface especially during afternoons.
  4. Go for a car wash instead of choosing to wash it on your own. They have a set amount of water which is used optimally to clean your car completely.
  5. Try to cover balcony open-air areas with large green mat and over the lawn too. It helps keep the house cool and reflects the light, thus not absorbing heat.

Try to execute each one of these oh so cool ways to live this summer and you won’t regret that vacation in LA for you’ll be in the comfort of your own cool house. Winter came and went, this time, summer will too!

Have a better idea to save water? Share with us in the comments below!

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