Pledge On This Special Occasion- Environment Day 2019

Recently, in the first week of May 2019, news broke about the rising levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. It has been the highest in the last 400,000 years.

This Environment Day 2019, we ask a question, are we doing enough? Closing taps, fixing leaks, switching off electronic devices is not enough anymore.

The answer: Sustainable Homes

Here are the ways to make your house a sustainable one.

  1. Special solar operated equipment are available to save as much energy as possible like the Solar Reverse Osmosis System that purifies water by using the sun as the power source.
  2. Harvest water in a tank to use all year long for a variety of purposes like washing, cleaning, watering plants, cooking as well as drinking. The tank can be fixed with a pipe that leads to your Whole House Reverse Osmosis System which then distributes the water all around the house via pipes.
  3. Build a garden, keep some potted plants in the house to keep your house cool and get quality in the air you breathe.
  4. Insulate the walls and floors for less energy exchange in the building.
  5. Choose energy efficient appliances, bulbs that do not require much power. Using multi-socket extensions can reduce power consumption by almost 15 %.
  6. While building a house, use nontoxic materials and try ordering from the local seller so that the transport pollution is less.
  7. Try to design a house that heats up and cools down naturally when needed.
  8. Install low flush toilets for less wastage of water.


Now is the time to turn organic, natural and sustainable.

Build Sustainable Homes.

For less carbon footprint and more quality of life.


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