Does your drinking water have any unpleasant chlorine smell?

At times, your drinking water may give an unpleasant taste, odor or appearance. Usually, these characteristics are not hazardous to human health but most people would still want their water to taste, appear and smell good. US treatment plants use chlorine in water to guard it against bacteria, parasites, viruses and harmful microorganisms before it’s distributed to households for drinking purpose.


As long there is a residual level of chlorine in water, the consumer is protected from the harmful micro-organisms. But if the level exceeds the residual level it may lead to false smell. According to the AWWA, if there is a residual level of chlorine in water then the water will not smell like chlorine.


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that the presence of a certain amount of chlorine in water is not hazardous. This level is known as residual level and should not exceed 1mg/1 otherwise there will be a discernible smell present in the water. For this water treatment facilities are required to maintain the level of chlorine residual which is chemically detectable but not greater than 4 mg/l.     

  1. If your drinking water has a strong smell of chlorine then it is possible that the public water source is at a longer distance from your household.
  2. An easy way to affect this smell is by increasing the temperature of water because cold water can hold chlorine residual for long.
  3. The chlorinated water will lose its smell with time but you should always prefer using a filtration system to eliminate the odor immediately.

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