Commercial Reverse Osmosis- Applications and Process

Applications of Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is one of the most popular water treatment methods used by commercial establishments. The simplicity, regular flow and quality of output have made it a reliable option for all commercial organizations, big, medium, and small. Here’s a list of some of the most popular applications of reverse osmosis. 

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Highly purified water is needed to produce pharmaceuticals. It is why commercial RO is a success in this industry as the quality is unquestionable. The RO water will always be 100% contamination-free and have low TDS. Often RO is coupled with UV sterilization in this industry to achieve maximum purity. 

  • Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is a key sector in the US economy. Buying a commercial reverse osmosis system for entities in this industry is ideal for uses like irrigation. Pure water is vital in this sector to ensure that food safety standards are followed. 

  • Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector has seen many challenges lately, and pure water availability is essential to keep things going smoothly. When commercial reverse osmosis systems are used in this sector, the hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities remain safe, clean, and trustworthy. It also helps control the passing of infections and viruses by ensuring proper sanitization. 

  • Manufacturing Industry

As manufacturing is a vast industry, mentioning all the commercial RO system uses isn’t possible. However, we would like to mention here that even crucial industries like semiconductor manufacturing need such systems to ensure that the precise processes needed to manufacture microchips and chips go smoothly. Water is needed to rinse and remove mineral residues with perfection. It must be noted here that if the rinsing solution has impurities, the chips might become useless. 

  • Cooling and Heating Systems Across Different Industries

Different industries and entities make use of cooling systems to carry on with the operations smoothly. The RO water from a commercial reverse osmosis system will ensure that the heat is absorbed quickly as purified water has amazing head absorption properties. Clean water is essential for cooling devices as it will absorb heat and remove it from the system. Often, pure water is also utilized for heating purposes in commercial establishments. 

  • Electric Power Plants

RO water is also essential for electric power plants. When the water used is pure, it will help avoid wastage and operational costs due to steam contamination. With RO, pure water will help create perfect steam that will help in electricity production. 

  • Hospitality Industry

Pure water is the backbone of the hotels, resorts, cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality industry establishments. It is used for cooking, drinking, cleaning and sanitization purposes. The cleaner the water, the higher would be the customer satisfaction. So, commercial RO systems are a must for every entity in the hospitality industry, be it a food truck or a large resort. 

  • Food Production Sector

Commercial RO is also essential for the food production industry. From a company that manufactures frozen food to a brewery that makes fine beer, pure water is a must-have for both. High food standards make it vital for any food-producing or serving entity. The lack of chemicals and contaminants make commercial RO water a good choice. 

Process of Commercial Reverse Osmosis

The process of commercial reverse osmosis is very straightforward. It is inspired by the natural reverse osmosis process that is present in the human body. Not many people are aware that the kidney uses the reverse osmosis process to draw water from the blood present in our bodies. 

The Essence of Commercial Reverse Osmosis Process

  • The process starts by pushing the water through a pre-filter or a sediment filter. 
  • This process eliminates total dissolved solids or TDS from water to ensure that the water becomes purer. 
  • After this, the booster pump builds water pressure that forces the water from a natural source like a tap, well, river stream, lake, etc. through a semi-permeable membrane. 
  • The water that passes through the membrane is very pure as it forces out only microscopic elements.
  • It also removes particles like chlorine, calcium molecules and sodium from the water. 
  • The water goes through post-filtration to ensure that the water becomes tasteless, colorless, and odorless in the next stage. 
  • Some filters also include a remineralization stage that adds lost nutrients back to the water. 
  • The water purified via a commercial reverse osmosis system stays in the storage tank until a user accesses it.

Buy Commercial Reverse Osmosis System from Ampac USA

All in all, the commercial RO process is simple and gives great results. This process is being refined further and will most likely have a better future. AMPAC USA will keep an eye on the changing technology and adopt all the changes to deliver our customers’ best commercial RO systems. You can explore our range of ready to ship commercial RO systems and contact us for custom orders. Reach out today!


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