Best RO System for Boats and Yachts- A Marine Watermaker

If you own a watercraft that allows you to explore water bodies, you might wonder which is the best RO system for Boats and Yachts. A marine watermaker by AMPAC USA is the answer. The type of watermaker you need will usually depend on the type of boat or yacht you own. 

Usually, boats can be divided into three broad categories, motorboats that are powered by an engine, man-powered boats like kayaks, rafts, etc. and sailboats that are sail propelled. The amount of water you need on a boat or a yacht would depend on each type of sailing and the capacity of the boats or yachts. 

Usual Water Consumption on a Boat or a Yacht

The water consumption and need on a boat or yacht will depend on many factors. Here’s a general outline. 

  • In extreme circumstances like races, 1.3 gallons per day, per person could be enough
  • In a situation where you want to save water and still want to be comfortable when it comes to water usage, about 6.5 gallons per person and per day is enough
  • If you want an ample amount of water in situations like you are on holiday, you might need 20 gallons per person and per day
  • In case you want to lead the lifestyle that you would have had on a shore, you might need about 40 gallons per day and per person. 

Key Water Needs

When on a boat or a yacht, you need water for drinking, showers, baths, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and backup purposes. 

Best RO System for Boats and Yachts- A Marine Watermaker

No matter how high your water needs are, when you are looking for the best RO system for boats and yachts, you should trust the marine watermakers provided by AMPAC USA. Created with a master craftsman’s amazing attention to detail, these watermakers are reliable, long-lasting, super duty, and offer the maximum value for money. They can be customized according to user needs and can fit in easily even on boats and yachts lacking ample storage space. 

If you want to know more about how we can customize, design, manufacture, and deliver a marine watermaker for you, just give us a call on 909-548-4900. Our engineers would be happy to map your water needs and design a system that can not only meet the current water needs but also meet future needs as well. 


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