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Last Monday, the city of Newark began distributing bottled water after an EPA-conducted test that reported the filters distributed last fall were ineffective against lead. To put it in the bigger picture, the city provides for 280,000 through pipes around the city. Around 15,000 homes get lead service pipelines as a supply for water. After this action by the authorities, it is clear that the supply can have lead and there is no safety standard for lead.

The exposure can be a big risk to your health and the supply of bottles may not always be accessible all the time. Here are some effective reverse osmosis strategies that can help you ensure a safe constant supply of drinking water at your home.

Emergency Solution For Temporary Settings

This strategy can be applied if the supply at your home is compromised and one of the 15,000 homes susceptible to lead contamination. A temporary solution, this is effective nevertheless. 

Emergency Portable Watermakers are reverse osmosis operated systems that give the same quality results for urgent requirements. Usually used for camping, military, hitchhiking, etc, this machine has proven to provide safe water from practically any source.

  • The system can produce 150 gallons per day.
  • It is compact and easy to carry.
  • Is energy-efficient and does not burden your pockets.
  • Operates on a simple start/stop process, less manual intervention.
  • Best for small families of four or less.

This machine can convert bad water from the sea, ground, your supply, brackish sources, lakes, and rivers to provide the same level of quality for a healthy body. Even after the temporary use, the watermaker is a good investment in the long run as it requires little maintenance and can be of help in future emergencies. You can get one here.

Long-Term Application Strategy

This strategy is helpful in the long term. It avoids future problems like the one right now as your home will be safeguarded from inside. This involved purchasing an under-sink RO Filter that purifies every contaminant in your supply for years. Getting a 3 or 4 or even 5 stage RO system would mean constant purification without any manual interference. For residents in Newark and especially homes that are more vulnerable, can get a 5-stage purifier as it comes with a remineralization filter that ensures unwanted contaminants are eliminated and important minerals remain. This particular model provides 45-50 gallons per day with minimum energy consumption.

Furthermore, if you are not comfortable with any supply in your house, we recommend the line of whole house RO systems. With capacities ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 GPD, this equipment can provide for laundry, cleaning, cooking, washrooms flawlessly. A very easy to operate the system, you can get water from any faucet at the touch of a button. The water is fit for any purpose around the house. Larger commercial RO systems can be used for an apartment building for supply to every apartment. You can find one product that suits you here.

Wholesome Solution For Communities

Communities can come together and make sure the access to safe water with two other solutions. 

Mobile Reverse Osmosis Trailer can give immediate relief to residents of a community by giving drinking water in every house. The trailer can produce up to 3,000 gallons per day and is based on the process of reverse osmosis. Chances of lead contamination are practically zero and can undertake several operations like Separation, Filtration, Ion Exchange, Carbon treatment, Chemical Injection, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet Disinfection, and pH Adjustment.

Additionally, the product from AMPAC USA can be operated by our Field Service Representative or plant personnel or can be remotely monitored for quality of operation. The community need not worry about the hassles of one such mobile treatment trailer.

The second solution is water store equipment from AMPAC USA. This solution is best for gated communities, apartment systems and more. Ranging from 1,500 to 8,000 GPD, this system is storage equipment that stores purified water for longer period of times. It is useful for situations where the supply through pipes is inconsistent and not available all day or every day. The system purifies water supply and stores it for a number of days without affecting the quality.

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If you are in search of a particular product or solution to your water problem, you can get in touch with AMPAC USA on (909) 548 4900 or chat with us on www.ampac1.com. Our customer service providers at available 24×7 and experts are available for testing supply quality to offer you your best RO option. If you are someone in Newark worried about the water you are drinking, get in touch with us today!

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