AMPAC USA Portable Seawater Desalination Solution for Boats

AMPAC USA is a leading name in designing and deploying emergency portable seawater desalination solutions for boats. Designed to transform salty seawater into pure and potable drinking water, this simple watermaker can be operated easily by anyone. No technical knowledge or skills are needed to operate a system. The special features of this wonderful watermaker are listed over here. 

Follows Standards Set by WHO

The watermaker can convert water from any source like seawater, well water, or surface water into potable drinking water that follows standards set by the World Health Organization. 

Ease of Use

The process of transforming water from any source into pure and 100% contamination-free water takes just a push of a button and a few seconds. 

Energy Savings

The watermaker can be customized to operate using DC or AC power as per client needs. It is an energy-efficient solution that has low amperage per gallon of product water. 

On-Demand Supply Pump

They also feature a smart on-demand supply pump and an exclusive high-efficiency booster pump that helps extend the pre-filter life. 

Minimal Noise

A noise pulsation dampener is included, which ensures the system’s smooth running while ensuring quiet operations. The vibration isolation mounts included.

Sturdy Body

A stainless steel exterior ensures that the product lasts for long. It also has a fibreglass-reinforced high-pressure membrane vessel that helps in eliminating corrosion. 

Total Safety

All the high voltage components are covered to ensure high voltage security. The terminals are also shielded, and the systems include unique low-voltage circuitry. 

Ready to Install

As AMPAC USA is a brand, we have ample inventory. All the products are ready to be shipped by keeping all COVID-19 precautions in place. The products come with an installation kit and an operation & maintenance manual. Our service and sales network is spread worldwide, and the technical team helps ensure excellent performance for years and years. 

5 Reliable Stages

AMPAC USA’s emergency portable seawater desalination solutions for boats have five stages of water purification. Stage one has a five-micron Sediment pre-filter, stage two has a five-micron lead and the chemical reducing carbon block filter while stage three has FILMTEC™ seawater reverse osmosis elements. Stage four has an extruded activated carbon filter, and stage five has ultraviolet disinfection. Sounds interesting? Call on 909-548-4900 for more!

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