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The coming New Year 2019 is going to be really good. And we know that because a lot of new year resolutions will see existence, at least during the first week of January. We know you are probably discussing ways you will make 2019 better than this year. Will work out more, be kinder, learn something new and so on. Noble resolutions as these are, these are focused on you as a person to grow individually. This year, along with doing that we suggest why not make resolutions for your home this year? After all, you do live there for the whole year and a few changes here and there could make your life a living heaven. Here are 5 water resolutions you could decide on to fulfill the coming year!


  1. Get your Water Analysis done:
    Water analysis is a necessary part of your house water. Unless and until you know what kind of water is coming in to your home, you won’t know which is the best solution for it. Getting an analysis of your source water taking the help of a local water expert or Ampac USA skilled personnel can help you design a customized water filtration system for your house.
  2. Give Filtration a Go:
    Many people depend on the water coming in from the tap which is purified at the municipal water treatment plant. As good as they are, they also get contaminated while coming in through the pipes. Many times, chlorine is used as a disinfectant to avoid organic growth. This chlorine is harmful for your health as well. Installing a curated reverse osmosis system for your house will filter all that out and keep you worry-free for the coming days.
  3. Stop Hard Water:
    Try to stop the income of hard water completely. Hard water has hard minerals which form crystals when in a stagnant state and can pose an obstacle in the efficiency of your home water pipes. These crystals decrease the water flow rate and therefore are not helpful for the pipe health. Additionally, many of these crystals of hard minerals support rusting thereby decreasing the lifespan of the pipes. Water softeners are an ideal option to help save money and time of maintenance of your pipes and filtration systems.
  4. Make the old pipes go:
    Always keep your pipes in check. Keep note of how long have they been at work and what measures are been taken to ensure their maintenance. Based on this, make the decision of letting go of few rusted pipes that are corroded and have a limescale build-up. Get in touch with your local plumber to keep the pipes spick and span all year long!
  5. Schedule regular Maintenance:
    Regular maintenance is a way of preventing future problems associated with your water system. It is a preventive measure to ensure that your equipment, be it the under-sink reverse osmosis system, the pipes or the plumbing, has a longer lifespan. It helps them run efficiently and do their job with quality.


Enjoy the quality performance of your house plumbing system by including these in your list of resolutions the coming year and also, Happy New Year! Have a great 2019 ahead.

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