Make the best out of your RO Water Purifier! – Handy Tips.

RO water purifier is must today in almost every household. With rising contamination levels not only in the lakes but also in our groundwater, not having a reverse osmosis system can prove to be life-threatening. It has a record of removing 99% contaminants with ease and without much trouble. However, if you want your purifier to work efficiently without putting pressure on your pockets, you should follow a few simple steps that can elongate the life of the system. Nothing is better than the exactly required purifier installed in the exact right position.

  1. Water quality test:
    It is very important to know what supply your purifier would be dealing with. It is based on this very profile that a household is suggested to get a particular model of the reverse osmosis unit. If the contaminants are high, one might have to look to get a 4 or 5 stage filter.
  2. Position:
    The position is important too. Today, wall mounted and under sink models of these filters are available in the market. Based on the space you have in your kitchen, you can choose either one of them. Just make sure to place it in a surrounding where there is minimum moisture or it can cause the water to freeze during winters.
  3. Ideal water pressure:
    Get expert advice on what to do with the water pressure as too much of it can damage the semi-permeable membrane. It is expensive and the most delicate core part of the unit. It can cause heavy losses or worse poor performance if not taken care of.
  4. Maintenance:
    To help the RO filter live more, regular checks and maintenance are required. Ensure all the filters, the pre-filter and carbon filter with the membrane is cleaned so that the machine works at full capacity.
  5. Change of the filters:
    Make sure to change the pre and carbon filters every once in a while. They usually should be checked every 6-9 months. But get an expert to help you understand when would be the best time to replace them.

Reverse osmosis systems serve the best quality water to all households they are employed in, in the world. However, lack of maintenance can make these systems one of the costliest in the daily budget. One must ensure to take care they do not let their purifiers sit as it is for long. Ampac USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of residential reverse osmosis systems. With 30 years in the field, the company has already set standards internationally in seawater desalination technologies at a commercial and industrial scale.

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