Here’s Why You Need To Get Reverse Osmosis Filters Soon!

If you live near Newark or Flint, reverse osmosis filters may not be unfamiliar to you. Ever since the Flint crisis broke out back in 2014, it was a lesson to be learned but unfortunately, back in 2018, Newark faced the same challenge again. Over 15,000 households were exposed to lead from the service pipes that supplied water to those houses. Despite the government’s initiatives of providing free filters, a recent report by EPA found that the filters were ineffective and that the households were still very much at risk.

And thus began the supply of bottled water so that no resident falls ill to the harsh effects of lead. On a brighter side, the city of Newark received funding from Essex County and the Federal Government to replace the old pipes with new ones. This task shall take the city at least 2 years to complete. Till then, the residents either get bottles or filters. But what if we told that you have the option of taking safety into your hands?

The problem of lead may have come to light in Flint, Michigan and Newark, New Jersey, but it does not affirm that the water you get in your home is safer than most. Here is why you need to get a reverse osmosis filter as soon as possible.

Industrial Pollutants
Residential areas are not often far from industries operating at full speed. These industries release waste into the rivers which may be under the standards issued by your local government but nevertheless have contaminants. The same water is treated and supplied to your house for drinking purposes. A reverse osmosis filter is the last line of defense that you operate to ensure no diseases or illnesses are caused due to contaminations.

Brackish Sources
Geographically, if the water you receive is brackish in nature, no one can help in such a situation but you. Lakes, rivers or even private wells have unsafe brackish water to drink. No matter how much it is treated it may still be brackish and not absolutely fit to drink. An RO filter gives you the much-needed peace of mind when you pour yourself a glass.

Beach-side Residents
It is especially necessary for people living near the sea to et a 5 Stage residential RO to ensure the water you drink is nothing less than safe. Prevention is always better than cure and easy on the pockets too. Seawater especially requires a good amount of filtration to avoid brine, chemicals, organic matter, suspended particles, and microorganisms.

Avoid Plumbing Problems
The supply, full of metals and salts can be a huge problem for the plumbing causing it to rust and leak further dirt into the supply. This means, not every faucet will have safe water to drink or even use. This can cause skin problems and a huge risk to health. In such cases, a filter may not suffice and you may need whole-house systems.

Investment For The Family
Filters, especially AMPAC RO filters, offer bottled quality water just for pennies per day. You get uninterrupted supply of the highest standard for the lowest cost and so, this filter is more of an investment than an expenditure. For Newark and Flint residents, this filter has been a savior as they do not have to spend large chunks of money on bottles and get lead-free water at their disposal.

Longer Running
RO Filters run for years at a stretch without compromising on the quality. This means you get the same quality of water each day for 5 or more years. The time spent during these years is more on the family well being than the water they drink and that is how an RO filter is a must-have at your home as soon as possible.

You can get your supply checked by contacting AMPAC USA for contaminants and then decide if you need a filter after all. This analysis also keeps you informed about the contamination levels of your supply after which AMPAC experts will suggest the best possible solution to your problem. To get your supply checked, call AMPAC USA at (909) 548 4900 today!

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