Tips To Hire A Local Plumber To Installing Reverse Osmosis Systems

It must have been decided after all that the family is now ready to install a reverse osmosis system in the house after prolonged use of traditional filtration systems. A lot of our customers have one query, whether they can themselves install an RO system or not. Our answer is pretty simple too. If you have the fair mechanical knowledge and are good at installing appliances at your home, installing an RO filter should be a cakewalk for you.

But just in case you are not confident about doing it yourself, the best option is to hire a plumber to do it for you. Most of the times, companies have their own plumbers to assist you with the installation process. But for regions where such companies are unable to provide such services, you can hire a local plumber to help you out. Before doing so, keep a few things in mind though:

  • Reviews are important:
    if you haven’t got any plumber of your own and this is your first, note that reviews are important in this area. The Internet is very accessible and brings information on many services around you with ease. Search for local plumbers there. There are various sites where you can search, Angie’s List, Google, Yelp etc are some credible sources of review.
  • Make a few calls:
    Once you have shortlisted top plumbers in your area, start calling them. Be thorough in the call and ask them if they have done RO installations before. Few other questions could be if they can do it on an hourly basis and if there would be additional charges for the installation. Let them know that you already have purchased an RO filter and you are just looking to have it installed. If you don’t get a positive answer from them you can ask for references as they have a large network of professionals offering such services.
  • Make sure to get your RO right: 
    If you are wondering on the size of the RO you want to purchase, 50 GPD size RO is recommended as it does not cost much than a lower producing one. Moreover, it’ll provide for in winters when the water is cold and when the membrane is slowly running out of life.
  • Company experts are always the best option:
    If there is any chance you can hire a plumber from the company or who has sufficient knowledge in RO system of the company you bought it from, nothing better.

Ampac USA provides all round support to its customers whenever they need help and so, if you have purchased an RO system from us, you can always call us at our Toll-Free no. 877-611-8530 at any time suitable. Our experts are well trained and will guide you through the whole thing with ease. To know more details on the purchase, maintenance, and support of your RO  or seawater desalination systems, contact us today!

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