Why is reverse osmosis the best method for water filtration?

The need for safe drinking water and its importance has been realized every year. Of all the people in the world, 663 million still do not have an access to safe drinking water. Ampac USA aims at finding economical solutions to a bigger problem by manufacturing systems that give an output of required drinking water. One of the major processes that are included in every product is Reverse Osmosis. RO purifiers, filtration systems, and desalination systems are used by almost everyone as a source of safe drinking water. Here is what makes this process so reliable and best at water filtration.

  1. Reverse Osmosis is by far the most economical method of removing 90-98% of water contaminants.
  2. RO membranes are designed to eliminate contaminant particles, sediments, dissolved salts, microorganisms like bacteria and other substances like chlorine, Sulphur etc.
  3. Not only salts, RO systems also have a process to exclude ions.
  4. Usually, RO systems are also equipped with carbon filters which ensure that the bad smell and odor caused due to chlorine are gone and the water is good to taste.
  5. RO filters are not only used for water filtration at home but are very helpful in the pretreatment of reagent grade chemicals.
  6. These systems are also helpful in areas with a risk of radiation contamination. So, if one resides near a nuclear power plant, RO systems maintain the safety of drinking water
  7. Reverse Osmosis systems are easy to install, have a higher efficiency rate and require minimum maintenance.

Every bottling plant in the world uses reverse osmosis as a key process for water filtration. In areas like the beaches, deserts and offshore areas where access to fresh water sources is not possible, Reverse Osmosis is majorly used for desalination of seawater which is easily accessible, available and in abundance. This process has been complemented with other advanced technologies like carbon filters, GAC filters, UV rods to ensure the water filtered has no harmful substances that can cause ill health.

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