How to Choose the Best Commercial Reverse Osmosis System: A Comprehensive Guide

Reverse osmosis is an advanced water purification process that uses different membranes to make water contamination-free. Commercial reverse osmosis systems are reverse osmosis systems that are designed for smaller and larger commercial applications. If you own, operate or plan to own or operate a commercial establishment, then you must know how to choose the best commercial reverse osmosis system by reading this guide. It will help you to make a smart decision and offer the best quality water to all your customers or use it within the establishment.

Experience Matters

The first thing you need to remember while hunting for the best commercial reverse osmosis system is to ensure that you buy a system from a manufacturer who has been into this arena for years. It will ensure that the manufacturer knows the process of creating a commercial reverse osmosis system and would assure you that you don’t get an experimental product.

Capacity is Crucial

It is also vital that you select a commercial reverse osmosis system that has the right capacity. It is smart to think of the future and expansion plans too. For instance, if your water needs are of 100 GPD, you should probably select a system with double that capacity, i.e., 200 GPD to avoid the expense of buying another commercial reverse osmosis filter in the next few months or years.

Quality is Vital

Quality matters a lot when it comes to buying the right commercial reverse osmosis system. System architecture, build quality and technical design need to be perfect to ensure that you get a product that’s efficient, good looking, strong and space savvy. The quality of raw materials used in creating a system should also be very high, and it would be better if the system is made in the USA because it will ensure that you don’t get parts that are manufactured in a country that doesn’t have stringent quality requirements as the USA.

Energy Consumption

Many of the commercial reverse osmosis systems run on electricity. You need to make sure you select a system that is energy efficient to keep your power bills minimum while getting the maximum output. Some manufacturers also offer you the liberty of opting for commercial reverse osmosis systems that run on solar power. If your business operations allow you to buy one, then you must go for it. For instance, if you own a daytime cafeteria that doesn’t have much water requirements at night or you have ample water storage options at your commercial establishment.

Think of Upgradability

When buying a commercial reverse osmosis system, make sure you talk to the manufacturer about its upgradability. As the world of technology is changing at a rapid pace, you should buy a system that can be upgraded over time and is compatible with all the upcoming technologies. This step is essential for buyers who might need more pure water in the future but can’t afford to buy a larger system at the moment.

Maintenance Requirements

When considering your budget for owning a commercial reverse osmosis system, make sure that you add the maintenance requirements of the system. The cost of replacing the membranes and filters would probably increase with time and so will the costs associated with calling in an expert to fix all minor and major issues. Hence, it is advised that you buy a system that has minimal maintenance requirements to lower this add-on expense. You can also go for a system that allows you to opt for DIY maintenance.

Choose a System that Does More than Cleaning Impurities

While it is essential that you buy a commercial reverse osmosis system that gets rid of maximum impurities, it is also advised that you seek a system that cleans more than the contaminants. The system you select should be capable of getting rid of chlorine, chloramine, chlorine by-products (trihalomethanes – THMs as well to make the water taste pure as well.

Know about the Total Lifespan

No matter how much we wish that a single commercial reverse osmosis filter would last a lifetime, it is not the case. Thus, when selecting a reverse osmosis system, you should read the online reviews of the system to know its expected lifespan. Being prepared will help you to have more realistic expectations and prevent you from running out of pure water suddenly.

Consider Your Industry

There is no one size fits all when it comes to selecting a commercial reverse osmosis system, but you should know that some systems are built to cater to the needs of specific industries. You must do some R&D to find out which system is more popular among other commercial establishments that have the same business needs as yours to be able to pick the right system. For instance, if you run a deli, you should see the water filters used by other delis around you and pick one that seems to be working efficiently for most.


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