Which US States Have the Best Water Quality? Get the Answer Here

The quality of water we consume every day matters a lot. Everyone wants pure water, which is probably why most people are thinking of getting a reverse osmosis system or a seawater desalination system. If you live in the US and you are eager to know which US states have the cleanest water, then read on. Here is a list of states with decent water quality. 

Hawaii has topped the list of drinking water quality while Alabama and South Carolina have captured the second and third spots. Washington is on no. 23, New York is 16th, and California has the 15th spot. The list was prepared by analyzing the number of violation points against drinking water systems present in each state. The results say this. 

  1. Hawaii- 1st Position
  2. Massachusetts- 5th Position
  3. North Dakota 18th Position 
  4. Virginia 13th Position
  5. Florida 8th Position 
  6. Nebraska 26th Position 
  7. New York 16th Position 
  8. Rhode Island 20th Position 
  9. Kansas 33rd Position
  10. New Hampshire 41st Position
  11. South Dakota 32nd Position
  12. South Carolina 3rd Position
  13. Mississippi 7th Position
  14. Minnesota 10th Position
  15. Wisconsin 24th Position
  16. Maryland 14th Position
  17. Washington 23rd Position
  18. Iowa 27th Position
  19. Louisiana 34th Position
  20. Arkansas 28th Position
  21. Oregon 39th Position
  22. Kentucky 11th Position
  23. Tennessee 4th Position
  24. North Carolina 17th Position
  25. New Jersey 22nd Position
  26. Missouri 25th Position
  27. Idaho 42nd Position
  28. Vermont 45th Position
  29. Delaware 12th Position
  30. Connecticut 37th Position
  31. Maine 47th Position
  32. Georgia 6th Position
  33. Alabama 2nd Position
  34. Ohio 9th Position
  35. Michigan 35th Position
  36. Wyoming 43rd Position
  37. West Virginia 48th Position
  38. Indiana 38th Position
  39. Montana 49th Position
  40. Pennsylvania 40th Position
  41. Colorado 29th Position
  42. Texas 30th Position
  43. Utah 36th Position
  44. Illinois 21st Position
  45. Oklahoma 44th Position
  46. Nevada 19th Position
  47. California 15th Position
  48. New Mexico 46th Position
  49. Arizona 31st Position
  50. Alaska 50th Position

What are Drinking Water Quality Standards

A federal law passed in the 1970s sets quality standards for the systems that offer people in America drinking water. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency makes use of a weighted point system to track all the violations of the law. The violations include treatment and contaminants. The metric used measures the number of violation points that are against public water systems per 1,000 residents who were being served in each state in the year 2019. 

How to Improve Drinking Water Quality?

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