Want Water Store Filling Stations? You Need These Features

Water is a key element of our lives, and its consumption is usually high at all times. If you want to invest in one of the water store filling stations, then you should remember that you need some features that will make the equipment a worthy buy and a long-lasting option. AMPAC USA has highlighted these key features mentioned below. Do seek them all before you invest in money. 

Suitable for Most Applications

When you want to invest in one or more water store filling stations, make sure that you choose one that can be used across multiple locations and industries like manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, water stores, and large-scale offices, among others. 

Variety of Offerings

It would also be nice if you can find a filling station that lets people fill bottles of varied shapes and sizes. The company manufacturing these water stations should also allow you to look at the entire range and then pick a product like stations with 2 faucets, stations with 10 faucets, etc. 


Investing in such equipment usually involves a considerable investment. So, if you want to get more value for money over some time, make sure that you choose a sturdy product that has exceptional built features like made with stainless steel, having a grid top, etc. 

Extra Features

It would also be good if the equipment comes with some add-on features that make it better than the rest. For instance, it can come with a feed line connection to RO plants in the vicinity to allow a user to sanitize a bottle before filling it up with water. 

Meeting Quality Standards

The equipment you buy should also meet stringent quality standards, such as having the NSF standard approved status. It will help ensure that the equipment meets expected requirements for durability, cleanability. It even ensures resistance to the use environment, vermin, and microbiological growth. 

Built by a Brand- AMPAC USA

If you don’t want to compromise on the quality aspects when you want to invest in quality water store filling stations, then you should consider buying them from a brand like AMPAC USA. This brand allows you to customize the product by changing the designs of individual faucets to supply a specific quality of water, such as alkaline, purified, and even ozone bottle rinse. It will also ensure that you get to experience faster delivery, installation assistance as well as 24×7 after-sale customer support.

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