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Factories across the U.S. and the world work harmoniously with Industrial RO systems that act as assets to their companies. Meant for water purification, this equipment is essential in treating the incoming water supply and the outgoing wastewater. But how well do you know your Industrial RO?

Many industries face losses because of the wrong selection of a reverse osmosis machine. When you run an industry, even a tiny wrong detail can end up making the machine a liability than an asset. Selecting the right kind, capacity and type of RO system are therefore very essential. Here are some of the most important Industrial RO systems you should know about.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System (LX Series):
The AP-SM-LX series from Ampac USA features Fully Automated, Fully Equipped Superior Quality Drinking Water Purification Reverse Osmosis System, built on an aluminum fully welded skid with an aluminum diamond plate, specifically designed for Water Store Applications. It is best for bottling plants, beverage production, pharmaceutical companies and more. The capacities range from 6,000 to 100,000 GPD.

Emergency Portable Reverse Osmosis (LX-C Series):
These AP-LX-C series systems are custom-built based on client requirements and are essential for companies that need freshwater on a large scale instantly. Large scale NGOs or even companies for their CSR order such systems for emergency situations like natural disasters or water stressed areas. The capacity of this system is 20,000 GPD and works on the process of reverse osmosis. These are portable and can be transferred easily from one place to another.

Mobile Trailer Water Purification system (TR-LX Series):
This particular product, TR-LX is essential to provide fresh water on a large scale at remote locations. These are fully self-contained in trailers or intermodal shipping containers. They are suitable for most water treatment applications using the following: Separation, Filtration, Ion Exchange, Carbon treatment, Chemical Injection, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet Disinfection, and pH Adjust. These Units are Rugged, lightweight, affordable design for even the most remote locations. These come in 2 variants, TR40K-LX Mobile RO system with 40,000 GPD capacity and Mobile Turnkey TR80K-LX RO system with 80,000 GPD capacity.

Mobile Brackish Water Industrial Reverse Osmosis (ROWPU Series)
Same as Mobile RO systems, these are created especially for treating brackish waters. These ROWPU units are made for reliable higher purity water and higher efficiency for a variety of manufacturing processes. A good option for temporary settlements with a high freshwater requirement, these come in capacities of 100,000 GPD.

Industrial Turnkey Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO-LX Series):
These BWRO-LX units are rugged, lightweight, affordable design for even the most remote locations. Emergency Mobile Water Purification Systems are available providing rapid response for a full range of Process Water Purification, Drinking Water Purification, Seawater Desalination, Groundwater Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Purification, Water Filtration, Demineralization and Softening treatment on demand. These come in capacities of 80,000 GPD and are very helpful in emergency situations.

Each one of these systems come equipped with reverse osmosis systems of the highest standards with pre and post treatment filters. A reliable option, these give you the best water in a feasible amount.

The selection of one particular system depends on your requirement of it. The easy way of selection is by hiring an expert from AMPAC USA to do all the work for you. Our experts give you the best product with fulfilled requirements, tailored for your specifications at the best price. Need one Industrial RO? Contact us today!

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