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  • Dow Filmtec Membrane Element 75 GPD Model TW30-1812-75

Dow Filmtec Membrane TW30-1812-75

Filmtec Membrane Element 75 GPD Model TW30-1812-75

DOW FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for home drinking water treatment units are the most reliable and consistent elements in the industry. Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication allow Dow to precisely produce each and every element to tight, pre-defined specifications. Dow’s advanced and consistent RO element quality helps customers develop, and maintain brand recognition along with a reputation for building systems that reliably provide low impurity drinking water. DOW FILMTEC™ elements are shipped dry for convenient handling and long shelf-life.

Dow’s next generation elements are a fully compatible replacement for existing DOW FILMTEC™ residential RO elements.

Permeate Flow Rate  Stabilized Salt Rejection
Minimum Salt Rejection
75 gpd / 284 LPD 98.0 (%) 96.0 (%)
  1. Permeate flow rate and salt rejection based on the following conditions: 250 ppm softened tapwater, 77°F (25°C), 50 psig (3.4 bar) and 15% recovery.
  2. Permeate flows for individual elements may vary +/-20%.
  3. Product specifications may vary slightly as improvements are implemented.

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Dow Filmtec Membrane Element 75 GPD Model TW30-1812-75

  • Model: TW30-1812-75
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