ROWPU Military Water Purification

ROWPU Military Water Purification

Ampac USA Seawater Desalination Watermakers on board US Navy Ships

A reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU) is a self-contained, portable Water Purification and Water Treatment Plant. ROWPU that is usually designed for the DoD and the UN Forces in any active theaters around the world. The Water Purification Process is necessary to prevent various waterborne diseases such as Dysentery and Typhoid. The ROWPU also maintain certain characteristics of water, such as Taste, Odor, Clarity, Hardness to prevent corossion and less scale forming maing the purified water suitable for use in boiler plants, chiller plants, laundries ad various industrial installations.

The Ampac USA ROWPU can provide pure drinking water from alsmost any water source on the planet such as Seawater, Well Water, Surface Water, Brackish Water, Ice Holes, Boreholes, Lakes, Lagoons and Rivers.

Ampac USA manufacture a variety of ROWPUs for the United Stated Armend Forces, and many Allied forces with the US. We build those units on demand as per the military requirement and conditions, most of those systems are usually either containerized, or on trailers, each branch of the US Miltary has their own series of ROWPU models, yet they are all share same concept. The Ampac USA ROWPU utilizers either pure water extraction methods integrating Single-Pass Reverse Osmosis (using one Membrane Bank) or Double-Pass Reverse Osmosis (using two Membrane Banks) depending on the type of water being purified.

In a typical ROWPU, the water is pumped from its raw source into the ROWPU module, where it is treated first with an Activated Carbon Pre-Filter to eliminate odors, color and improve taste, next, it is run through an Ion Exchange Water Softeners to soften the water by removing calcium, magnesium, iron and lead calcium, It is then pumped through a set of Sediment cartridges to eliminate suspended solids, This process clarifies the water of any particles larger than 5 microns (0.00020 in) and eliminates almost all turbidity as a preparation for the reverse osmosis process.

The clarified water is then fed through a high-pressure booster pump into a series of membrane elements. The result is pure drinking water free of 90.00–99.98% of the raw water's impurities. By military standards, should have no more than 500 parts per million of electrical conductivity. It is then treated through pH Adjust Neutralizer Post-Treatment, as usually water being purified to this extent tend to be on the acidic side, then pumped through Ceramic Post-Filters, and finally through Ultra violet Disinfection Sterilizers.Finally, chlorine is injected in-line to the storage tanks to prevent any bacteria growth in the permeate water storage tanks.

The United States Marine Corps, the older ROWPU has been replaced by both the Lightweight Water Purification System (LWPS) and Tactical Water Purification Systems (TWPS). The LWPS can be transported by by light military trucks and is capable of purifying up to 3000 GPD (11350 Liters per hour). The TWPS can be carried on a Medium Tactical Military Truck, and can filter 40,000 US gallons (150,000Liters per hour).

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