Industrial Water Softeners

AMPAC USA offers Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners and Water Conditioners that are designed for a wide variety of industrial reverse osmosis applications. Potential uses Commercial / Industrial Type Boilers and Chilers for major Installations such as Hotels, Universities, Hospitals, Apartment Complexes, Factories and many other applications where high flow rates and capacities are a requirement.
The Quality Water Treatment staff is ready to help you with your most demanding applications. Simply call toll free at 1-877-611-8530, or you can reach us trhought our Contact-Us Page.

  • Appropriate size mineral tank, Commercial Brine tank with Brine tubing and connectors, Distributor tube.
  • Appropriate amount of gravel and cross link resin, Control valves.
  • All Systems are new with Factory warranties.


Ampac USA Protect Pipes and Equipment

Ampac USA Scale Reduction

Ampac USA Improved Efficiency of Process Equipment

Ampac USA Reduced Energy and Water Consumption

Ampac USA Reduced Chemical and Detergent Costs

Ampac USA Reduced Mainetenance.

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