Bottle Free Water Coolers | Water Dispensers

Ampac USA offers the highest quality Bottle Free Water Coolers and Water Dispensers for the home and office. 

We carry a unique range of stylish water coolers including Counter Top Water Coolers, Stand Alone Water Coolers

and numerous other water dispensers designed to suit your home and office.  
When you purchase an Ampac USA Water Cooler, the benefits are invaluable.  Some of these benefits include:

  • All our Water Coolers include stainless steel reservoirs to ensure water purity
  • All our Water Dispensers include no-spill bottle systems
  • All our Water Dispensers include adjustable cold water thermostats
  • All our Water Dispensers come in a wide variety of different models and price points
  • All our Water Dispensers carry an Extended Warranty
  • All our Water Dispensers are assembled in the USA
  • All our Water Purification Components are Made in the USA. 
  • Bottle free water coolers make your life easier. To buy them and a range of residential products for water purification, trust AMPAC USA and call 909-548-4900.


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