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Water Treatment Chemicals

Ampac USA is an innovative, industry leading water purification and water treatment solutions provider, specialized in manufacturing environmental, commercial, industrial and residential water purification products and reverse osmosis systems. 

Our professional team provide the best technical expertise with our own advanced water purification technologies to create the most efficient and environmental solutions to resolve complex water quality problems globally.

Ampac USA offers a comprehensive water treatment chemicals, chemical dosing and injection pumps, water analysis and testing equipment, meters and control equipment that is fully supported by our highly trained personnel. 

We offer a complete range of specialty water treatment chemicals that are mainly used for reverse osmosis process pre-treatment, membrane cleaning, cooling towers, steam boilers, chillers, cooling water systems and closed circuits, wastewater, MBR, effluent treatment chemicals, industrial cleaning, advanced polymers and much more.

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Softener Mate® - All Purpose Water Softener Cleaner

Softener Mate® - All Purpose Water Softener Cleaner

Get water softeners for better performance of your purifier exclusively from Ampac USA for just $18.73. Call at 877-611-8530 today! Water Softener for Purifiers, Softener Cleaner, Softener Mate..


Res Care® All-Purpose Liquid Softener Cleaner

Res Care® All-Purpose Liquid Softener Cleaner

We offer Res Care all purpose water softener and cleaner to restore softener efficiency and clean the membrane. Get this at a price of $15.28 only from Ampac USA...


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