El Secreto Resort, Belize Seawater Desalination


El Secreto boutique resort is located on the Belize coast 50 miles from San Pedro. Opened in 2012, the intimate resort retreat offers a distinctly relaxed, yet sophisticated experience on Belize’s Ambergris Caye. Accessible only by boat and tucked away in its own private beachfront enclave,

El Secreto offers a barefoot luxury experience with 13 villas. The resort is an oasis surrounded by the lush and natural beauty of its island setting.

The remote location required developers to be self sufficient for both power and ater supply. The source of water available was through beachwell supply with a salt content of 34,000 ppm total dissolved solids (TDS).

  El Secreto Resort Belize
Ampac USA supplied the El Secreto with a skid mounted Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis System with two separate 12,000 GPD trains on the one skid. The two trains can be operated on a duty - standby cycle or both can be operated at the same time for 24,000 GPD production.
Feed water is pretreated by a granular activated carbon filter for removal of organics and sediment and by an ion exchange softener bed. The reverse osmosis membranes efficiently reduce the salt content by over 99% to provide clean drinking water compliant with potable water standard.
Post treatment provided on skid is by a neutralizing remineralizer, a ceramic sub-micron filter, and by ultraviolet disinfection. The combination of ceramic filter and ultraviolet light provides the utmost security of water supply for guests at the resort. 
Ampac USA Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Model: SW24000-LX
Ampac USA Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis Watermakers   Seawater Desalination Watermakers from Ampac USA
Reverse Osmosis for Sea Water Desalination from Ampac USA

Features and Advantages:

    - Turnkey Operations

    - Made in USA, all components are made in USA

    - Energy Efficient

    - Low Maintenance

    - No Harful Chemicals used

    - Compact

    - Fully Integrated

    - Fully Equipped

    - Remote Control Operated

    - Powder Coated Aluminum Skid with Diamond Plate 

    - Compatibe with any water source in the world such         as Well Water, Brackish Water or Sea Water.

Belize Seawater Reverse Osmosis

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