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  • Water Cooler Model C100 | Ampac USA

Water Cooler Model C100 | Water Cooler Dispensers

Elegant Countertop Water Dispenser, the Water Cooler Model C100 provides Hot, Room and Cold water temperatures. Order optional built in Filtration System or Reverse Osmosis for Best Water Quality Experience.

Standard Features

- Hot, Room and Cold Temperatures from a single source

- Microprocessor control front control panel

- Separate hot/cold power switch front panel

- Reboil switch to bring water to 212 °F

- Automatic heating control at 185 °F with over-temperature shut-off

- Sealed compressor cooling w/adjustable thermostat

- Stainless steel hot and cold water tanks

- Automatic float valve with solenoid feedwater shut-off

- Water level indicator built-in

- Safety lock for hot water faucet

- Optional Add-On Filter Pack     Attaches to back of Cooler

- 3-stage filtration, sediment plus 2 carbon filters Takes out sediment, chlorine taste and odor


- 3 Temp Dispenser

- Executive Gray Cabinet

- 3-Temp Dispenser with 3 stage filter pack 

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Water Cooler Model C100 | Ampac USA

  • Brand: Ampac USA
  • Model: C100
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $378.95

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