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Do you think water pollution is only making this clear liquid unsafe for consumption and posing a threat to your health? Think again! Recent research has proved that this form of pollution is costing a lot of money to Americans. How? It is leading to many diseases and illnesses which in turn boosts the medical costs. Read on to know the exact data and what you can do to prevent this additional expense.

The Data

Researchers from the University of Illinois, Chicago have examined waterborne diseases contracted from paddling, swimming, boating, and fishing in rivers, lakes and other natural sources. It did not examine illnesses associated with swimming pools or water parks.

Their study published in the journal Environmental Health in January has revealed that water-related recreational activities led to over 90 million cases of ear, eye, gastrointestinal, respiratory and skin-related illnesses in the US. Those illnesses amounted to USD 2.9 billion a year in medical costs and costs pertaining to time away from school and work.

The Aftereffects

Experts believe that these giant numbers have put the costs of projects that aim to help make recreational waterways safer and cleaner in perspective. The costs associated with beach monitoring and notification programs are known, but till now, people didn’t have an idea of illnesses acquired through recreation on natural waters. This new data can help policymakers put the cost of water-quality improvement and water quality monitoring into context.

No Need to Panic

Experts also think that people should not be panicked after reading this data. As around 4 billion eater recreation events occur annually in the US, the percentage of people who actually got sick is just 2 percent.

No Foolproof Determination

The experts also think that determining exactly how many illnesses are due to water recreation is not easy. If a person gets sick a few days after visiting the doctor, the cause of the illness, viruses or bacteria present in the water cannot often be investigated or recognised easily.

The Imbalance

Experts have also pointed out that around USD 10 billion is allocated each year for efforts regarding beach water protection. This is only a fraction of annual estimated illness burden.

The Solution: AMPAC USA Systems

Though we agree that governments need to make stricter policies to prevent pollution, but until that fine day, you can trust our wide range of Seawater Desalination systems to meet all your needs. Though they require you to invest some money, you get the ROI from day one. In case you can’t find a system that meets your needs, we can even create a custom-made product for you that would ensure you never think twice about quenching your thirst.

To save your own health and the health and well-being of your loved ones as well as the huge costs associated with it, contact AMPAC USA now!


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