Side Effects of RO Water? There aren’t any…

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most advanced methods of cleaning your water. It ensures that all the harmful contaminants are fully removed from the water so that the health of you and your loved ones can be at its best. The importance of this technique has especially gained a lot of attention after people started realizing the fact that the water crisis is actually knocking at their doors and they need to protect their families from it. If you are a consumer who has heard a lot about RO technology as well as some of the side effects it might be having, then this article is just for you.

Here we have explained that why the so called “side effects of RO water” shouldn’t be a cause of worry for you.

  • Removal of Minerals
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

It is a fact that the reverse osmosis technology removes almost all minerals from the water as they have large molecules as compared to water. Some people claim that the removal of good minerals like calcium and magnesium is not a good thing as these minerals help our body.

But the question remains that do we actually get all the minerals required by our body from water? Well, obviously not. We eat food to complete our daily requirements of minerals and other vital nutrients. So what’s the harm in not getting a bit of minerals from the RO processed water when you can easily get the minerals from other food sources? There isn’t any, in fact we need water for hydration.

On the other hand, it is also a known fact that the harmful elements present in tap water can make you ill and harm you in more ways. Thus, wouldn’t it be smarter to remove all the contaminants from water and have a healthy body as compared to not using any RO based water purifiers and letting the contamination harm your body?

  • Change in the pH Balance

RO technology also reduces the pH level of water. It is also considered as a cause of concern for some people, especially the ones who think that low pH levels would harm their body. The fact is, when you drink water (or any other food or drink) with low pH levels, your body would automatically adjust it to the ideal level of 7.4. So as long as you have a healthy and fit body, you should not worry about the pH balance of the water.

You would also be pleased to know that the RO Water you consume after processing it via a good Reverse Osmosis filter system generally has 5-8 pH which is much higher than the pH present in soft drinks, sports drinks, beer and even coffee. So if those beverages have done you no harm despite their low pH levels, how can you expect the RO purified water to do any harm due to low pH levels?

All in all, buying an RO System would offer you more benefits than you can expect. It would give you access to pure water at the cost of few pennies on a daily basis. Most importantly, it would give you peace of mind that you or your loved ones would not have to think twice about the purity of the water.

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