AMPAC USA Seawater Desalination Watermakers for Marine Industry

AMPAC USA designs, manufactures, and deploys seawater desalination watermakers for the marine industry. These systems help fulfil the water needs of a ship, boat, submarines, yachts, cargo ships and other water vessels.

Here are the key uses for which pure water is needed in the marine industry.

  • Drinking

If there are people on a water vessel, they need safe, pure and 100% contamination-free water for drinking and consumption purposes. 

  • Cooking

When on a water vessel, people often prefer to cook their own meals if they don’t want to solely depend on frozen or packaged meals. So, water is needed to clean the vegetables, fruits, meats, and other ingredients and during the cooking process. The water for cooking also needs to be pure to ensure that the food quality isn’t compromised. 

  • Washing

People who survive on a water vessel also need water for washing purposes. They might want to use the water for bathing or taking a shower. They also need contamination-free water to clean the water vessel from the inside. 

Why Trust AMPAC USA’s Seawater Desalination Watermakers for Marine Industry

AMPAC USA’s watermakers have been trusted by scores of people and water vessel owners in the marine industry. Our seawater desalination watermakers are sturdy, reliable, and work efficiently. They are ready to be deployed, and one needs minimal training to operate them. 

These systems can produce freshwater even in extreme conditions and can turn even the saltiest seawater into pure water. They have been deployed on water vessels and rigs in every ocean on the planet, which includes the formidable Arctic ocean. 

Another aspect that makes AMPAC USA stands out in the water purification industry is that we can create customized systems and solutions depending on a water vessel’s water needs. We have an extensive range of watermakers that cater to the needs of offshore and marine industries. They are capable of producing as low as 100 gallons a day to 250,000 gallons per day. To know more about our dependable and quality-oriented watermakers for the marine industry, feel free to call us today on 909-548-4900. 


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